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"I never knew how to do that."

Throughout our years of servicing gas and electric equipment, we've had hundreds of customers say, "I never knew how to do that" or "No one ever showed me the correct way to do that."

So many people don't know how to correctly operate and care for the equipment that they rely on every day, costing them -- and their employer -- money on needless service calls.

An average service call runs about 2 hours at an average of $90-$115 per hour plus mileage. Often a trip charge can run about $50-$150.

Training is the name of the game. And it can save you money. Period.

Kitchen Medix LLC offers educational seminars that will show you and your employees the following:

  • Safety in a working kitchen.
  • Proper start up and operation of your equipment.
  • Proper cleaning procedures for your equipment.
  • Helpful troubleshooting tips to recognize needless service calls.
  • General kitchen maintenance for your equipment.

The knowledge you and your employees will take out of a Kitchen Medix LLC seminar will save you money -- guaranteed!

If you're interested in scheduling a seminar, let us know during our next visit to your location. We will assess the equipment and prepare the material needed for your custom seminar. A copy of equipment manuals will be provided (if available), and a certificate of training will be given to each person attending the seminar.


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