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Kitchen Medix LLC service contracts are your best buy!

Commercial food equipment service and parts is the cornerstone of Kitchen Medix LLC. With over 20 years of experience repairing gas and electric food equipment, we will ensure that the job will get done right.

Service contracts are available and are the best buy for any busy kitchen. You can rest assured that your kitchen will operate smoothly with the services provided under a Kitchen Medix LLC Service Contract.

Our service plans include the following:

  • Check all thermostats for proper calibration.
  • Remove and clean pilots.
  • Check all gas and electric safety systems to assure safe operation.
  • Check all gas flex hoses and connections for leaks.
  • Remove and clean burners and air shutters to optimize BTU output.
  • Check all gas pressure to equipment.
  • Check fryers for leaks in fry pots.
  • Steam generator inspections and descaling.

These services and many more critical items are covered under the Kitchen Medix LLC service contracts. All services are performed monthly.

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